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Sorted DescendingTitleDate Related People Object Number
Warp-Patterned Ponchoc.1500-1900Quechua Culture1996.38.1
Tripod Plate with Rain Serpent700-830Maya peoples, Mexico/Guatemala1989.11.4
Tripod Bowl1200-1350Nicaragua, Rivas Department, Chorotega1995.28.83
Stirrup-Spout Bottle of Crab God with Fanged Feline Mouth200-300, Early Intermediate Period, Moche III phaseMoche peopleC-71-3
Standing Man with Rattle Stick150-450Veracruz, Remojadas region, Totonac1995.28.90
Standing figure in the "Laughing Child" form550-850Nahuat culture, Mexico, south-central Veracruz1989.11.12
Seated man with mace and bowl1-200Ameca people, Mexico, North Central JaliscoC-82-62
Seated Female Figurine550-830Maya peoples, Mexico, Campeche1989.11.1
Seated Companion Urn300 - 500Zapotec people, Valley of OaxacaC-80-12
One of a Pair of a Seated Polychrome Couple: Woman with Bowl100-300Mexico, Nayarit, Ixtlán del Río styleC-82-70-B
One of a Pair of a Seated Polychrome Couple: Man with Club100-300Mexico, Nayarit, Ixtlán del Río styleC-82-70-A
Large male axe-head figure300 - 100 B.C.Mexico, Guerro, MezcalaS-81-12
Jaguar effigy metatePeriod VI (Late Period, 1000-1522)Costa Rica, Central Highlands1999.18.1
Incised and Burnished Bottle500 BCE-300 CECosta Rica, Guanacaste, Nicoya zone1995.28.168
Head of Ruler600-950Maya peoples, Mexico, YucatanS-82-66
Female Figure300-100 BCEChupícuaro culture, Mexico, Guanajuanto1995.28.91
Effigy Headn.d.Dominican Republic, Taino1995.28.153
Drinking Seated Male Effigy100-300Mexico, Colima, ComalaC-85-11
Cylindrical vase with heads of Lord of Underworld700-830Guatemala, northern Peten, MayaC-82-85
Burial Urnc. 1200-1500Colombia, Lower Magdalena River, Moskito1995.28.167
Bridge-spout bottle of Cat God wearing trophy head100 BCE-300 CENazca cultureC-71-5