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Sorted DescendingTitleDate Related People Object Number
Valerie in the light, Bruno in the dark, Paris2001Nan Goldin2002.9
Untitled (Man with Tract)1997Xavier Veilhan2005.16.25
Untitled #2424-B1996Todd Hido2005.16.10
Untitled1998Sally Mann2001.1
Untitledc. 1975Todd Walker2002.18.4
Untitled1975Dianora Niccolini2008.2.14
Unidentified group, album pagec. 1860British2005.41.1
Two Women with Nose Rings, Nepal1967Irving PennPH-79-01
Trying1998Liza May Post2005.16.22
Tropical Rococo2002Sergio Vega2003.19
The patient gardener.2007Maggie Taylor2007.24.4
The Hispanic Project (2)1998Nikki Lee2001.34.1
Swamp and Pipeline, Cancer Alley, Louisiana1998Richard Misrach2001.2
Study for Chinese Summerhall1983Robert RauschenbergPH-85-18-A
Stockholm1967Kenneth JosephsonPH-75-13-C
Shipaulovic. 1886John K. Hillers1997.1.3
Shell and Rock Arrangement1931Edward Weston2001.22.2
Scenographer's Mind VIII2002Eija-Liisa Ahtila2005.16.2
Rue Boutebrie, Parisc. 1900Eugène Atget2004.40
Rosignano Solvay1995Massimo Vitali2005.16.26
Rochester, New York1959Minor WhitePH-71-49
Ralph Smith; 21 years old; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; $251990-1992Philip-Lorca diCorcia2002.27
Prospect Park Theater, New York1977Hiroshi Sugimoto2003.20
Portrait - Miss Mary Everett Clarence Hudson White2006.41.1
Pelé1977Andy Warhol2008.28.59
Parade - Hoboken, New Jerseyc. 1955Robert FrankPH-71-43
New Subdivisions, Arvada1968-1972Robert Adams2002.13
Masks #51994Paul McCarthy2005.16.18
Masks #21994Paul McCarthy2005.16.15
Long Walk Homec. 1930Alexander Zhitomirsky2005.44.2
Homage to Henry Holmes Smith1983Evon Streetman2008.10.1
Goosenecks Utah 21 #61982Michael A. Smith2006.38.114
Glacier Point, 3,257 feet, Yosemite, Californiac. 1870Carleton E. Watkins2005.43.1
Getting Lindsay Linton2000Charlie White2005.16.28
Gertrude O'Malley and her Son Charles on the Porch1900Gertrude Käsebier2007.23
Four Views from four times and one shoreline, Lake Tenaya, 2002 Left to Right: Eadweard Muybridge, 1872, Ansel Adams, 1942, Edward Weston, 1937. Back panels: Swatting high-country mosquitoes, 20022002Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe2009.6.2
Eleanor1948Harry CallahanPH-71-45
Der wilde Mann Series/1986: The Temperaments (Fearful I)1986William E. Parker2007.26
Clownmirror2001Roni Horn2002.26
Child teasing another, N.Y.C.1960Diane Arbus2005.42
Cavewomen2001Olaf Breuning2005.16.8
Candy Spelling1985Andy Warhol2008.28.13
Canal 131997-1998Joseph Bartscherer2005.16.3
Black Cañon, Colorado River, From Camp 8, Looking Abovec. 1873Timothy H. O'Sullivan2005.45.2
Berlin, Friedrichstrasse1996Stéphane Couturier2005.16.9
Baby Gene Pool's First Photograph1980sRobert Fichter2008.9.12
Australia, 1995 (from the Insecurity series 1995-2005)1995Christopher Stewart2005.16.23
Apocalypse II1967-1972Jerry UelsmannPH-72-47-I
A sphere lit from the top, four sides, and all their combinations2004Sol LeWitt2005.27
A Paguate Entrance1925Edward S. CurtisPH-73-112